Live Blogging- It’s Not Just for Famous People



For those of you that don’t know what live blogging is, it is where celebrities answer questions and give comments about what is going on in a certain show or at an event during the time of the show/event. It is an interactive way for the fans to hear from their favorite stars and changes their viewing experience. I noticed that this has become more common not only with promoting a show, but it also makes the audience more interested in wanting to watch and be a part of what is going on.

Take the Oscars for example. It is one of the biggest events in Hollywood and pop culture and during the show, Ellen DeGeneres, the host, was live tweeting pictures and comments about how the show was going. This kept the show livened up to not only the people at the event, but also those who were watching it from their sofa. She event tweeted a “selfie” that included many A-list celebs and broke the record for getting the most retweets (past 3 million!).

This format of live blogging applies to anyone who wants to promote something in the community. I myself have had to use this strategy in order to notify members of my college community to attend a keynote lecture and corresponding event that took place afterwards. I was in charge of live blogging through the Facebook and Twitter pages of the college organization I am involved in and was able to reach a wider audience, especially those who couldn’t attend the events. It allowed for the experience of the lecture and event to be shared with others by highlighting main points that could be taken away from both the lecture and event. We also got feedback from those who viewed the live blogging experience and learned how to improve upon it or keep some things going the same way. The rest of my college community found the live blogging idea to be effective and intriguing, wanting more use of this system for further events.

My advice for anyone who wants to try this system would be to:

  1. Start by picking what social media platforms you want to use to connect with others
  2. Schedule content that leads up to the day of the event (for more publicity) and create a hash tag that can promote the event
  3. Take pictures at the event to post and pick key items you want to share about the event
  4. Include the hash tag that you came up with to promote the event in everything you post
  5. Pay attention to feedback and make adjustments according to it

Have fun live blogging!


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